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Morning on the Nile

Welcome to my online studio and gallery. You will find a lifetime of quilt design and creativity in the gallery pages; as well as a listing of my books, booklets and patterns. Over the years I have found that I enjoy writing about quilts, just as much as I like sewing and creating them. It is all here for you to enjoy and study.

Recently, I retired from teaching and lecturing, but I will continue to make a new quilt every now and then. I’ve decided that my next large project will be to write about my family history. Researching and creating the books is just an extension of the work I’ve done in the quilting world. The research part, and tracking down information is just as exciting to me as designing a quilt used to be. I’ve written about one grandmother, and now I have three books to write for the remaining three of my grandparents. All the books are privately published and given to family members.

Please come for a visit to this website any time of day or night. It’s no inconvenience to me as I don't have to clean my studio or bake chocolate chip cookies in preparation for your visit. Thanks for stopping by.

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